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A corrupt cop named Sam handles negotiations between two Triad leaders who plan to join forces. However, he meets a suspicious bald man named Tony, who keeps following him around and disrupting his personal business.
Patrick Yau is a great and talented director. I haven&#39;t seen anything else by him yet than this, THE LONGEST NITE (1997), but his other works include The Odd One Dies and Expect the Unexpected, which have also been hailed by HK fanatics and specialists. However, THE LONGEST NITE alone shows the director&#39;s talent and this is easily among the most interesting and memorable HK films of the late 90&#39;s.<br/><br/>Tony Leung and Lau Ching Wan are the two leads here. Tony is a wonderful actor with smooth and kind face, yet his character here is anything but nice or kind. He plays a rawly violent and corrupted policeman who solves some mysterious triad war in which he is himself somehow related, too. Also a mysterious bald headed stranger soon arrives in Macau (Lau), and soon these two men are against each other and time. It all happens during one night filled with depravity, violence and seemingly no hope for a better tomorrow..<br/><br/>I think the plot and story is very hard to follow after one viewing and the less you are experienced with English (subtitles), the more times you will have to see this film in order to understand the whole plot and its turns. I have seen this twice now and still there are elements which I cannot yet explain, but they&#39;re not so important as the things this film gives and has are already visible to me.<br/><br/>The film lacks every imaginable bit of the usual lightening humor and slapstick attempts. The film is as serious and gritty as they come, and the film is produced by the legendary Johnnie To, a director/producer specialized in this kind of gritty and dark stuff in Hong Kong cinema. One of his most incredible achievements is a triad thriller The Big Heat (1988) starring Waise Lee, which is among my personal all time Hong Kong favourites in its insanity and over-the-top dark and infernal atmosphere. Johnnie has done many other great films, too, which include The Heroic Trio (1993) and its sequel, both directed with the choreography genius Ching Siu Tung.<br/><br/>THE LONGEST NITE features a nice soundtrack which is little like Giorgio Moroder&#39;s music in De Palma&#39;s Scarface (1983), and it adds very well to the atmosphere of the film. But the strongest element in THE LONGEST NITE is the photography and lightning, which are often very gorgeous in the hands of a talented Hong Kong director. Films like Dr. Lamb (Danny Lee, 1992), City on Fire (Ringo Lam, 1986) or Red to Kill (Billy Tang, 1993) would not be as powerful as they are now without the usage of haunting colors like blue which bath in fog and mist, usually the light, or should I say darkness, coming through windows. The final gun battle between the two protagonists in THE LONGEST NITE is among the greatest scenes I&#39;ve seen in Hong Kong cinema in recent times, and it features exactly this usage of blue nearly as powerfully as possible.<br/><br/>The violence and brutal world the film is set in is often off putting but never gratuitously graphic and exploitative. There&#39;s no blood spraying all over the walls, but realistic aftermath when someone decides to hurt some other. Violence never pays in this film as it doesn&#39;t in real life either. THE LONGEST NITE doesn&#39;t glorify violence at all, it just depicts people who are so desperate and weak they use it very often, and so the film (and ending) is pretty pessimistic, too. Unlike in many Hollywood action no-brainers, like the Steven Seagal films, in THE LONGEST NITE wickedness and violence always has its consequences and results.<br/><br/>THE LONGEST NITE is very welcome addition to the gritty triad films genre of the Hong Kong cinema and due to its great and believable performances and characters, gorgeous visuals and overall honesty, it will last many viewing times without losing its power and impact. I gladly give this 8/10 and maybe my rating will rise after subsequent viewings.
The Longest Nite is really something. If you, like me, love those violent, dark and gritty - evoking an almost apocalyptic atmosphere - Hong Kong crime films, like The Big Heat (another Johnnie To film even if Tsui Hark had a firm hand on the creative process), then you ought to get glued to the screen in a similar fashion. But unlike The Big Heat, the comedy here is totally nonexistent. The city of Macau depicted here is ridden with criminals and corrupt cops, who sometimes associate themselves with one of the two major gangs. Both have been at each other&#39;s throat for some time, making some businesses go down in the process which displeased an old but powerful triad boss who owned a lot of them. He then threatened both to stay low and to preferably leave the city. Tony Lung delivers a very good performance as the protagonist, a corrupt cop – violent but surprisingly calm – who tries to keep the peace between both gangs. Unfortunately a price is put on the head of one of the two bosses, and it is rumoured it could be the other one who did so. Things then become sour, setting the stage for this gripping crime thriller. <br/><br/>Lau Ching Wan plays this badass outsider – a mean one, but not from the cool breed – with a mysterious purpose. He initially seems more like a nuisance to Tony Lung&#39;s character, Sam, but as the movie advances his unknown motives start to feel all the more distressing. In the bleak world of The Longest Nite, there&#39;s no real good characters to root for. Sam is the closest to a good guy as you&#39;ll find, but early on his bad side is more obvious as he is not the victim he&#39;ll become later, the story taking unexpected turns and unfolding in a fashion reminiscent of Se7en. <br/><br/>The film starts with a short narration briefing you on the situation right before throwing you deep into the mess. Afterwards, you&#39;ll need to assimilate as much as possible of what is happening to understand well what is happening, and it can sometimes become hard to follow when you forget which boss is who. Anyway, the filming style is great too, the camera often looks around while not being so steady, giving a certain grounded feel, making you feel a witness of the events the movie shows you. The title being quite appropriate, the whole thing mostly takes place during a single night. The film isn&#39;t that long so things can become a bit hectic; not rushed, but you can feel how stressed and always on the edge the characters probably are. All this can be felt through the visuals too. Almost the totality of the film is taking place at night, occasionally under the neon lights of the Asian city. Add in smoke here and there, some other lighting work and the likes, and you&#39;ve got everything to love about the aesthetics of Hong Kong crime cinema, further reinforcing the gritty and bleak mood conveyed through the story and characters.<br/><br/>The Longest Nite is an essential viewing for anyone into these intense, violent and gritty Hong Kong crime films. Not necessarily like the more romantic and theatrical work of John Woo – feeling almost like Greek tragedies – but more down to Earth stuff even if it&#39;s quite unrealistic in how bleak the whole thing is.

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